Reanimation Fund options?

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Reanimation Fund options?

Post by PCmorphy72 »

I’ve read Reanimation Fund as “providing facilities for cryonics use”, and I’d like an overfunding part optable –conditionally– for a widely-known facility, as "warranty" supporting the "green-segment" when “owning [y]our buildings” might be not enough.

In particular, I've read Agreement’s [non-]Warranties points D, E and F, while e.g. about “this is similar to the way Alcor's PCT has invested” I’d note that CI owns the facility as well, probably with lower costs.

I’m just thinking that CI agreeing 50000$ for a possible braincase’s OR-MI LN-transport + CI-storage is as likely as CI ignoring 0$ for a possible far-future OC bankruptcy (or similar failure/shutdown), but if you think it’s just a "brainstorming" suggestion, please honestly tell me your view.
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Re: Reanimation Fund options?

Post by jordansparks »

Your post was hard for me to read. I think what you are saying is that you want to put $50k into a fund that would pay for transfer to CI if we go bankrupt. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Also, the pages you are referencing on our website are looking out of date, so the discussion would be better once I update them.
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