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Biostasis is a terrible word in cryonics. Biostasis actually refers to the ability of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi to stay alive in extreme conditions. As environmental conditions later improve, their cells recover and function normally again. Any scientist seeing the word biostasis in the context of cryonics is going to be confused. Cryonics patients are not going to spontaneously revive upon thawing. It's going to be much harder and more complex than that. Biostasis is being used as a technobabble equivalent of "suspended animation." The goal of some of these people does indeed seem to eventually be biostasis or suspended animation, but they really shouldn't confusingly make statements about cryonics patients entering biostasis. It just demonstrates a complete lack of scientific understanding and also an attempt to deceive the public. The reason I bring all this up is in response to the latest Alcor newsletter where Max states
The core role of the Alcor Board is to ensure that Alcor stays focused on its mission:
1. Maintain the current patients in biostasis.
2. Place current and future members into biostasis (when and if needed).
I find that wording egregiously deceptive. They are in preservation, not biostasis.
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Re: Biostasis

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I think that any Ettinger’s “understanding” was much more "scientific" than any Max Moore’s “scientific understanding” (though he has available much more modern technology knowledge).
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