New progress in ACE

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New progress in ACE

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Hi everyone,

1. In Spanish Cryonics Association we get new SST sub-protocols in order to down the cost for the cryonicist.
We hope this can help in Spain to the people acces more easy to cryonics and can be stored in a facility of election.
The text is in Spanish, you need to use an online translation. ... servacion/
2. In ur telegram group for research about sideload as alternative technology of failed mindupload. We stablish a open source and extreme lifeloggin protocol in order to objetives;
A. Sideload for biography file for completion of memory recovery in cryonic patient.
B. In worst case scenario use as dataset with AGI technology for computational reconstruction of a specific person.

3. We stablish contact woth Japanese Cryonics Asociación, today translife, for stablish International rapport for find solutions and sharing knowledge.

Regards and Happy New year
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