Remote cases and membership

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Remote cases and membership

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We have a tentative plan for doing remote cases. We will have a number of pathology specialists here on staff. They will be trained in our techniques and use them regularly. Airlines allow formaldehyde in checked baggage, so we will send out one or two specialists to the remote funeral home where the recently deceased patient is located. We will perform the perfusion and brain extraction there. This should only cost a few thousand dollars. This is much less involved than a cryonics remote case because we will bring a single chemical and we have a procedure that is reliable and fast. No ice bath, no meds, no cooling, no cardiopulmonary support, etc. Yes, there is a lot of work to do before we can offer this service, but for the first time, I'm firmly on board with this. I've been quite critical of attempts to perform remote services in the past, but this is different. It's been simplified enough that it's doable and it's reasonable. I still do not have any good solution for the standby problem other than to leave the pathology specialists in a hotel room awaiting death. We could pass this expense on to the patient by charging separately per day for standby.

In short, it looks like we will have membership services soon. There is no plan at all to charge for membership. It seems very unfair that one member might pay in for only a few months while another member might pay in for decades.
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Re: Remote cases and membership

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I suppose this imply an increase in the price of fixation. Its logic.
I have an idea. If you have associated pathologist in your staff then you can apply a long term educative strategy.
You can training very well for brain preservation a pathologist. Send to symposium and the pathologist teach to other pathologist the procedure, organise education groups in brain preservation. Stablish a roadmap towards low cost brain preservation through the country. Its a very, very long road; complex, hard, stressful. But it's an strategy.
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