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Timeline for Oregon Cryonics

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2022 4:03 pm
by Cool_Kiwi
Just out of interest, when will Oregon Cryonics be operational in offering the Cryopreservation/perfusion service? As I understand the building is nearly complete.

Also as I understand it, it seems like your organisation seems centred and lead by mostly you, without a proper board/organisational structure.

That might be efficient and effective in the beginning, but how do you see Oregon Cryonics evolving after you? Especially after you're cryopreserved. Although Alcor has many problems, one thing they have been good at is longevity, and keeping the project going and afloat.

I heard you say you're not keen on expansion because the quality of preservation would be poor if you didn't live in Salem/had standby. And I agree with that. But wouldn't expanding operations and becoming like Alcor or CI in some areas make the organisation more resilient with more resources?

Re: Timeline for Oregon Cryonics

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2022 11:39 am
by jordansparks
The building has been complete for a number of months. We have already started a remodel to add more lab space on the second floor. I've been working hard since day one to make the organization outlast me. I will be a patient, so that's critical. But if I don't get preserved well, then none of that matters, so the more important goal right now must be better preservation technique. There's a good chance that nearly all existing preservations are just junk and didn't preserve any memories. That worries me a lot more than the longevity of the organization.

As for adding members in order to "grow" the organization, it's a complex topic with lots of reasonable sides to it. I think adding members just adds cost and headache. In contrast, adding new preservations can bring in a little bit of money without the headache of members. Maybe someday we'll add members, but I'm just really too busy for that right now.

There have been some cases over the last few years that didn't get written up and posted on our website. I'll try to do that when I have time. We have more going on than it might seem from looking at the website.