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Biography storage and LN2 generator

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2022 7:52 am
by Mecsrt
Hello Mr Sparks,

In this publication I have two separate issues.

Biographical file.
Have you considered setting aside space in your facility for a patient biographical file? Well, according to Ettinger's work it is a good idea to keep as detailed a patient biographical file as possible. To help complete the task of recovery. With today's technologies it is not difficult to fit a high-capacity, archive-grade Blu-ray Disc archiver with compression software to store a lot of data of many types per patient per disc. It would not be a large cost and its maintenance and security are minimal.

Generate own liquid nitrogen.
Have you considered purchasing a liquid nitrogen generator? Nowadays, with the commercial competition in Europe and Asia, devices are starting to become available for between €5000 and €1500. Even if it was a large outlay initially, in the long run it reduces costs and dependence on the supplier. However, a mixed system is desirable.
Best regards.