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Thoughts on a San Francisco office

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2023 9:08 am
by Darzin
I remember you writing before that you had considered opening an office in San Francisco but had ultimately discarded it do to costs and difficulty. I do think it might be a good idea to reconsider and perhaps have it as a long term goal of the organization. A Cryonics company being expected to last a long time and to do this it needs a steady base of customers and a lineage of operators. I do worry that the Salem area is to small to sustain indefintie operations and a customer base. San Francisco has perhaps the highest percentage of Cryonists anywhere and is the most fertile ground for expansion in terms of people who could patronize and operate the operation as well as having no current cryonics organization operating there

I realize at present it's not feasible nor is Oregon Cryonics ready for it at this moment. But it might be worth reconsidering as a long term goal of the organization even as far as forty or fifty years in the future. Property in San Francisco very pricey but long term this could be an advantage as such an office could be made self sustaining through rent. Have a small Cryonics office and rent the other parts of the building to cover operating costs. This adds an extra headache but in the end may prove worth it.

I understand It's easy for me to just write words on the internet, but I do feel the idea of a San Francisco office deserves a second look.